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Master Recycler

As of October 2017, Dr. Kate Herold pursued yet another one of her passions, recycling.  Kate realized early on how valuable our Earth is and while in her undergraduate studies joined and helped create a recycling club. This club would cart trash 90 miles to the nearest recycling facility bi-monthly.

By becoming a Master Recycler (8 week program with 30 hours of classroom and field trips designed at learning more about our trash!) Kate is encouraging and educating those around her. She strives to live a plastic free life, and loves to reduce! (reuse, recycle, and compost!) 

Returning Veterans

As of February 2017 Dr. Kate began offering pro bono services to returning veterans. She has always pictured herself providing chiropractic care in the form of a reoccurring mission to countries far away. However, the idea of helping those in need closer to home sounded like a great fit.

How it works: She will treat 2 veterans/week OR 1 new veteran/week therefore reserving 1 hour/week to care. 

Children's Ministry

Dr. Kate has a love and an appreciation for kiddos of all ages. Especially those ranging from 2-6. When we are at this age we are so curious, engaged in our surroundings and super funny! 

She began volunteering with the children's ministry program at Theophilius Church in 2017 and when she moved to the west side of Portland and changed churches she began this ministry at Village church. It is here where she spends 2 Sundays a month with the littles while giving back to her community. 

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