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Dr. Kate Herold, Chiropractic Physician, received her doctor of chiropractic degree from University of Western States in Portland, Oregon. She has also earned dual Bachelor degrees in Spanish and Biology from Dickinson State University, in Dickinson North Dakota. 


Dr. Kate has a mission to provide you and your body with the best care possible to achieve levels of total well being. She believes that once your body is in motion and out of pain you can finally live a more fulfilled life. 

She is a skilled manual therapist addressing  joint function with chiropractic techniques such as diversified, SOT, CST, Impluse and activator.  With every joint, comes a muscle, Dr. Kate will spend time addressing any muscular imbalances with soft tissue work and strength exercises. When needed, she will also ensure your whole body is functioning and working to its fullest potential! This is achieved by a comprehensive nutritional approach to discover the ailments suffered within. She also has had extended training in the recovery of motor vehicle collisions (auto accidents) and overuse injuries. 

When Dr. Kate is not treating patients she is spending her time teaching at her alma mater, University of Western States chiropractic college, as well as living the life she encourages her patients to live; a happy one. The outdoors fill her heart  immensely and she finds freedom from being surrounded by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Dr. Kate enjoys hiking, camping, biking, reading, learning, gardening, cooking and eating as well as daily mindfulness and yoga.


Dr. Kate Herold

Doctor of Chiropractic



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