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At Blue Atlas Chiropractic, together, doctor and patient, we will discover the cause of your body's ailments. I believe firmly in treating the cause, not the symptom of all diseases. 

As your chiropractor, I am excited to aid your body, mind and soul with manual and gentle therapies to joints and muscles, nutritional and lifestyle recommendations, as well as home stretches and rehabilitation advice.

Let's discover how intelligent your own body is!


All treatments are performed in my at home clinic, which is quite an oasis. I am passionate about supporting local businesses, and to promote you doing the same, I am offering any cash paying patients a 10% discount on services provided the day they walk or bike to their appointment. 

I look forward to help you along your path of whole body healing.


Be well always, 

Dr. Kate Herold

Chiropractic Physician 

Treating the whole family!
Auto accident care, workman's comp., qualifying insurances accepted.
Call to inquire!   503-837-2225
Available Treatments
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